Do you like dogs?

I believe that dogs are one of the coolest things on this planet period

Just think about it – your dog loves you unconditionally

That’s why I think so many people have dogs. But the only problem with it is that you may want to substitute the things you should be getting from people and try to get it from dogs


That’s the same thing like when fat women (no offence, please don’t get mad) eat a lot of chocolate to substitute their need for connection or a real man

Or let’s say a man is not successful in life – he’s broke, has no girls in his life and even sometimes wastes his time procrastination or waiting for something magical to happen

Well in that case he may start drinking or playing computer games or smoking or drugs or whatever makes them feel good

So basically we all want to feel good, but there are 2 different types of this feeling – short-term (instant gratification) and long-term (delayed gratification)

So anyways, that’s just one of the things I wanted to point out about dog owners

They should be really careful and not use their dogs as a crutch for avoiding real people, real relationships, real vulnerability, connection and intimacy that comes from real people

On the other side it’s good to have an ecosystem in your life of positive emotions – i mean friends, TV, girls/guys, books, hobbies, passions and DOGS (by the way be sure to check out this website here htTp://wWw.INviNCIblepUp.coM and HtTp:// as well as this)

So if you have a dog and it is a part of a big system of positive emotions – then why not, right?


I think it’s important to remember that everyone makes mistakes so if you ever feel like avoiding people because you’re afraid of getting hurt and your dog always loves you – than maybe it’s fine, but just keep in mind the long term stuff

Anyways, stay cool and be awesome


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